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OmniCare is specifically designed for various types of clinics such as Dental Clinics, General Clinics / BPJS, Aesthetic Clinics and other specialist clinics. Many have benefited from using OmniCare because of its rich, complete and perfectly integrated features.

Based on the principle of the name Omni, which means "wholeness", this application is expected to help many clinics to gain efficiency and effectiveness with a fully integrated system. This system also includes Appointment Scheduling System (and online booking with auto SMS reminder), thereby adding extra value compared to other similar competitors on the market.

Comprehensive Calendar

Equipped with Online Reservations and SMS sent automatically to patients

Full Integrated

Integrated from registration, medical record, pharmacy, laboratory, patient billing. Increase efficiency in clinic operation

Cloud Based

Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Easy management of up to multi branches

Complete Report

Automatic financial and transaction reports that are easy for you to understand as a doctor

OmniCare is using Cloud Technology

With cloud-based technology, OmniCare gives you hardware and infrastructure efficiency. You are also free from virus threats, damage to loss of data.

0%   No initial investment
    No installation required
      Can be accessed from any device at any time
     24-hour auto-backup
    Always running with the latest updates

Why you have to use OmniCare?


With the latest design, applications can be accessed via tablet devices, computers or mobile phones.


Having a multi-screen feature with a clear design makes it easy for you to navigate from one menu to another.


Designed by experts in the field of computer programming with a thick medical background making the application lightweight, stable and in accordance with the correct medical provisions.


It doesn't take long to learn and is proficient in using this application because it is designed in such a way as to be user friendly.

macbook-saas Perangkat lainnya

Patients can make Online Reservations via the integrated website

Increase Efficiency with Automatic Reminder SMS

Automatic SMS

Automatic SMS can reduce errors and improve the work efficiency of registration staff.

Reverse Interaction

Patients can answer the confirmation via SMS and the results are displayed on the doctor & clinic calendar.

Lower Telephone Costs

Most schedules have been followed up via automatic SMS, thereby reducing the amount of telephone usage.

Easier Setting Solid Schedule

Let the robot system work on routine follow-ups, and your staff can do more useful work.

Solution for various needs

OmniCare is specifically designed for a variety of clinics (and hospitals), such as:

General Clinic / BPJS

With the large number of patients required efficiency and data tidiness in order to reduce operational costs and avoid losses

This system has been integrated from registration, medical records, pharmacy to the laboratory

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General Clinic / BPJS

Efficient operation with low cost

Dental Clinic

A busy schedule that needs to be managed neatly so that no time is wasted.

Requires a sophisticated system to make everything well managed with calendar and automatic SMS.

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Dental Clinic

Automatic Appointment Follow up

Aesthetic Clinic

Clinics that stop the best quality and service with many personnel, diverse services and products.

So it requires a system that can record every transaction complexity and provides convenience in monitoring both one and many branches.

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Aesthetic Clinic

Services that pamper patients

Long Queue for Outpatient

Long queues make patients uncomfortable. They tried to arrive early to get the leading queue number.

By booking an appointment online, patients can make reservations at any time and the system will ensure the presence of patients on the day of the appointment.

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Long Queue for Outpatient

Queue Solution for Outpatient

General Clinic / BPJS

Public clinics have a high number of patients per day with a high number of transactions. Therefore an efficient and integrated service flow is needed so that it can serve as many transaction as needed quickly. OmniCare with an integrated system, is able to reduce the burden of clinical operational costs and increase profitability.

New! Application fully integrated with   Terintegrasi dengan BPJS Kesehatan

Beauty Clinic, Dermatologist & Other Specialists

Aesthetic and dermatology clinics require an exclusive level of service. With comprehensive features, it is easy to arrange appointment schedules, patient care packages, stock arrangements, staff commissions, and management for multi-branches. Ensuring the clinic remains excellent both in terms of management and service to patients.

Profile photo and sketch of the patient's face

Profile photo and sketch of the patient's face

Leading Dental Clinics trust us

Equipped with a reliable reservation management system, instant online booking, with automatic schedule reminder sent to each appointment, making OmniCare the top choice for our clients.

New! Appointment reminder system that is fully integrated with WhatsApp Chat (No #1 Chat Application).

Fully integrated dental system

Fully integrated dental system

Medical Checkup Clinic

The challenge for clinics that provide Comprehensive Health Examination or often known as Medical Check-Up is to produce a comprehensive patient health report between sections (polyclinic). With a support system, this report can be collected regularly from each section without worrying about the scattered (or missing) documents.

Hospital / Inpatient Care

Inpatient services have special needs to serve patients who need intensive care. Inpatient features that are equipped with a comprehensive calendar will increase the efficiency of the admin registration operation.

Comprehensive Inpatient Calendar

Comprehensive Inpatient Calendar

Veterinarian Clinic & Pet Shop

Animal and human clinics have quite a lot in common, but they have basic things that need to be adjusted. Omnicare software that is famous for being efficient and comprehensive has developed its features in facilitating veterinary clinics (or clinics with Pet Shops).

Animal patient profile

Animal patient profile

Pharmacy & Apothecary

Pharmacy management as a whole and efficiently from the purchase to the sale. Facilitate controlling stock with expiration dates, and transaction history.

Control stock regularly

Control stock regularly

5 bintang

Our clients have experienced the benefits of using OmniCare.
Let's join with those who are satisfied using our application.

   Semenjak menggunakan OmniCare, kami dengan mudah mengelola 8 buah klinik kecantikan kami secara efisien. Laporan dapat langsung dimonitor melalui aplikasi.

dr. Ida - Dokter Ida Skin Care

   Lengkap, dan terintegrasi sampai ke BPJS.
Staff kami jadi lebih efisien bekerja dan dapat fokus ke pelayanan pasien

Bu Riza - Klinik Pratama Bahagia

   Klinik Gigi kami sangat terbantu karena sebagian besar perjanjian sudah terkonfirmasi via SMS.
Saya jadi bisa fokus untuk pengaturan jadwal dan biaya telepon juga jadi murah.

Suster Sri - Klinik drg. Edward

   Software Klinik Gigi terlengkap, dari perjanjian saja saya bisa meningkatkan jumlah perjanjian tiap bulannya.

drg. Sophie - Smile Concept

   90% Pasien yang sudah mengkonfirmasi via SMS hadir

Mba Mala - RSIA Buah Hati Pamulang

   omnicare sudah paling bagus dibandingkan software klinik-klinik lainnya.

dr. Suwarno - Klinik Stella Medika

   Software rekam medis terlengkap dan tercanggih. Saya benar-benar terbantu sebagai dokter.

dr. Kris - Klinik Pratama Cagak

   Dibandingkan software dari luar, saya lebih suka omnicare. Lebih user friendly

Pak. Daud - Klinik drh. Amir Candra

Package & Feature List

Top Features
Appoinment Calendar & Online Reservation Patient can make reservation online from clinic`s website - -
Automatic Reminder (SMS & WhatsApp) Patient will receive automatic reminder of their appointment schedule by SMS & WhatsApp - -
E-Medical Record Patient medical record is centralized and can be accessed from any where (branches). (Basic) (Basic) (Advanced) (Advanced) (Advanced) (Advanced) -
E-Prescription -
Marketin Campaign Sending mass SMS / WhatsApp to all (or some) patients
Billing / Invoicing
Medical Staff Comission Comission calculation is done automatically
Consumeables (Nominal) (Aktual) (Aktual) (Aktual) (Aktual) (Aktual) -
Operational Cost
Multi User / Multi Branch Unlimited User
Financial Report Profit / Loss Report, Cash Flow presented automatically and easily understand (Basic) (Detail) (Detail) (Detail) (Detail) (Detail) (Detail)
Treatment Package Monitor package treatment - (Plan) - (Plan) (Plan) (Plan) -
Diagnose with ICD-X - - -
Inventory with Stock History -
Pharmacy -
Laboratory Lab sales and printing lab result - - -
Cost of Goods Cost of Goods is using FIFO or Average system -
Purchasing (Suppy Chain) Management From request goods, purchase order until payment to supplier - -
Claim Insurance Management Make claim easier with auto listing transaction to insurance - -
Multiple Room / Cabin / Storeroom -
Radiology - - - - -
Complete Medical Checkup Medical Check Up with complete automatic report - - - - - -
Queue System With Self-service kiosk - - -
Inward - - - - - -
Syncrhonize with PCare (BPJS) Bridging with PCare system and increasing the efficiency and preventing double entry - - -
Fabrication Take note of production and price of production - - - -
Free 100 SMS / license / month SMS quota given monthly, accumulative quota applied. - -

Price List per License

License OmniCare Basic OmniCare Essential OmniCare Premium OmniCare Plus OmniCare Advance OmniCare Enterprise Max. Branches
Max. 3 Rp330,000 Rp380,000 Rp450,000 Rp495,000 Rp700,000 Rp900,000 1
Max. 6 Rp480,000 Rp560,000 Rp675,000 Rp780,000 Rp960,000 Rp1,160,000 2
Max. 9 Rp670,000 Rp820,000 Rp960,000 Rp1,060,000 Rp1,260,000 Rp1,460,000 3
Max. 12 - Rp1,000,000 Rp1,200,000 Rp1,300,000 Rp1,560,000 Rp1,760,000 4
Max. 15 - - Rp1,400,000 Rp1,600,000 Rp1,860,000 Rp2,060,000 5
Max. 18 - - Rp1,600,000 Rp1,860,000 Rp2,100,000 Rp2,300,000 6
> 20

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